Bungled case of Genocide fugitive Rwamucyo puts France in spotlight

A France-based rights group has told The New Times that 13 years after it filed a case against a Genocide fugitive who was then living there, Prosecutors now seem set to initiate a trial.

The Collectif des Parties Civiles pour le Rwanda (CPCR), which has for two decades worked to bring Genocide suspects in France to book, filed a case against Eugene Rwamucyo, 60, in 2007.

He is one of the masterminds of the Genocide against the Tutsi in southern Rwanda, in 1994.

He lives in Belgium where he fled after the group pressed for his arrest and trial and the organisation believes French prosecutors will effortlessly get him extradited to France for trial.

Daphrose Mukarumongi, a CPCR co-founder who lives in the city of Reims, told The New Times that according to the information they have, a prosecutor has decided that Rwamucyo be taken to the Cour d’Assises, which handles cases of genocide and war crimes, among others.

“The prosecution has decided that Rwamucyo will be tried at the Cour d’Assises, based on what investigations revealed,” she said. The decision, Mukarumongi noted, was made on April 17.

“Step two now is that what the prosecutor wrote in what we call le requisitoire will now go through judges who will examine it and then state the charges against Rwamucyo.”The third step, Mukarumongi explained, is that judges will the send the Indictment Order to the CPCR who are the petitioners so that “we read and approve or appeal.read more

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