The Nigerian Coalition for the International Criminal Court (NCICC) in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Justice held a one-day Consultative Workshop on the domestication of the Rome Statute bill of the International Criminal Court in Nigeria. The workshop was held on 7th November, 2019 at the Olusegun Obasanjo Auditorium, Federal Ministry of Justice, Abuja, Nigeria. The workshop focused on key issues including a Review of the Rome Statute Bill, an examination of other crimes which may further be included in the Bill, Strategies for engaging the National Assembly towards passing the Bill and the way forward toward achieving the set goals. In attendance were key government officials, representatives of the National Assembly, officials of UN agencies, representatives of embassies and consulates, academia, and civil society organizations.
At the end of the workshop, participants recommended the following actions:

  1. Adopt a two-pronged approach on re-introducing the Rome Statute Bill to the National Assembly – the private member approach and the executive bill approach;
  2. Conduct massive and intensive public sensitization on the importance of domesticating the Rome Statute Bill with focus on youth groups, religious organisations, traditional groups and stakeholders including the relevant members of the executive and legislative arms of government who are key to the enactment of the Statute; 3. Set up a working group that will among other things: a.) Develop a concept note that will be used for funding and budget mobilization and reach out to strategic partners such as the ICC, Ford Foundation and other international and local organisation to support the funding of the domestication process;
    b.) Draft a three–year work plan which would identify deliverables and assign specific responsibilities to individual and organisation members of the coalition towards achieving the domestication of the Rome Statute Bill; c.) Develop a one-page memorandum on the need for the domestication of the Bill using infographs;
  3. Create a WhatsApp group for advocacy on the domestication of the Bill to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and vital information – WhatsApp group to be strictly managed by the NCICC Secretariat;
  4. Regularly upload and update necessary information about the Rome Statute Bill on the NCICC website and make effective use of the social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp to create publicity and public enlightenment;
  5. Mainstream conventional media into the activities of the coalition and hold regular press conferences and media parley
  6. Adopt a campaign slogan for advocacy, such as: “End Impunity Now – Domesticate the Rome Statute”; “Bring Justice Home – Enact the Rome Statute in Nigeria”; or “Justice for victims through enactment of the Rome Statute/International Crimes in Nigeria” etc. Further deliberations to be made on the WhatsApp group.
  7. Pay courtesy visit to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice to discuss the importance of domesticating the Bill and the need for the executive (Ministry of Justice) to drive the process;
  8. Pay Courtesy visit to the leadership of the National Assembly such as the Senate President and the Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives;
  9. Organize strategic breakfast meetings with key stakeholders to sensitize them on the Bill and distrust on funding sources; 11. Identify, commend, and celebrate the champions of the Bill, especially legislators that have shown commitment to the domestication of the Bill; 12. Sensitively consider the fears and concerns of highly placed public officials and seek better ways to address them to secure their buy-ins.

Name Organization
Chinonye Obiagwu SAN LEDAP
Femi Falana SAN CHHR
Voke Ighoredje NASS
Olanrewaju Suraju HEDA RC
Ray Onyegu SERI
Anyakwee Nsirimovu IHRLR
Dr. Francis Oni FMOJ
Dr. Sylvester Anya UNN
Oviosa Samuel CSJ
Amb. Chibuzo Okereke NASS
Surwe Ataikiru-Eyube NASS
Benson Olugbuo CLEEN
Mariam Kadiri NHRC
Dr. Sirajo Yakubu DSS
Nkechi Udegbunam WARDC
Hadiza Abba UNODC
Rabia Audu Hassan NBA
Chidiebere Ugochukwu NAPTIP
Isah Mohammed MFA
F.O Johnson LACON
Bathsheba Tagwai CISLAC
Isaac Otieno UNDP
Temitayo Lawal FMOJ
Ogwiji Mary YES
Kabiru Elayo NHRC

Date: 7 November 2019

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