Liberia: ‘Resurgent Calls for Death Penalty in Liberia – Frail Criminal Justice System and Human Rights Implications’

The upsurge of reported cases of rape, especially statutory rape has seen thunderous calls for the enforcement of the capital punishment. These calls continue to resonate from political leaders, civil society activists, religious leaders and the general public. The July 26 independence Day Orator, a respected clergyman, in his oration attended by cross section of government officials, civil society and members of the diplomatic community, referred to rape as a pandemic that has shattered the country and reduced women, especially girls and children, to second class citizens. The President of Liberia in a rather rage mood over the alarming cases of rape has joined the chorus of national leaders denouncing rape and at the same time calling for stringent measures including capital punishment for perpetrators of rape. Civil society leaders including gender advocates are leaning in a similar direction, with some suggesting that male rapists should be castrated in public. readmore

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