Mini round table with ICC, 12th – 14th May 2020

Dear colleagues,
I do hope we are keeping safe. This is truly trying times for us all and our normal work. 
It also affected the usual ICC-NGO Roundtables that holds annually at the ICC premises at The Hague in May each year, through which NGO’s interact with ICC officials and get update on cases and events at the court. Due to Covid19 travel restrictions, this year’s Roundtable has been suspended and could come up later in the year. CICC is coordinating with ICC on this. But meanwhile, CICC has scheduled a mini Roundtable with the ICC to create a platform to receive updates from ICC officials on events and programs of the court. It’s not a full roundabout and so the agenda, which is already published, will only cover few items and the meeting will hold virtually 3 hours a day on 12, 13 and 14 May 2020. This mini Roundtable (MiniRT) is not suppose to replace the normal ICC-NGO Roundtable but it’s an attempt to use virtual tools to update global NGOs on the ICC events. Unhappily, due to technological limitations, ICC is not able to provide simultaneous interpretations of the meetings. We understand virtual tools affordable by the court cannot incorporated interpretation channels that can be harmonized into one channel of transmission. As a result, the meeting will be in English and also limited number of persons can join, representing each region. For Africa, CICC has reached out to us at the African Network for ICJ and also to FIDH and others, and have selected 6 or so colleagues including of course some of our network focal points especially bilingual colleagues from situations and PE countries and others.  CICC has assured that the recorded proceedings of the MiniRT will be widely shared and we will make sure we circulate to all network members. There is possibilities to submit online questions and concerns to the ICC to be addressed at the meetings. 
We do hope that many of us will be able to submit any questions or concerns for attention of the ICC to the link provided by CICC or send directly to Matteo or to me. 
We have already expressed our concern that ICC should in future strive to provide interpretations in virtual meetings so that a wide range of colleagues can participate especially as the world is turning to technology for normal business operations, and our concerns has been well noted at the highest levels of ICC.  I am sure that soon such technological limitation will be overcome. 
Please see more details on CICC website and also ICC-NGO Roundtables part of ICC website. 

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