Pan-African Parliament Commemorates the Africa Day with Virtual Engagement with African Civil Societies and Diaspora

The Pan-African Parliament on the 25th May, 2020 on the event of the commemoration of the 57th anniversary of African Union, organized two virtual engagements; Meeting with Civil societies: Reflections on Agenda 2063 and Silencing the gun at 9:00am CAT. And the Pan-African Parliament African Diaspora Consultative Meeting at 2:30pm CAT.

Soloman A. Dersso was of the view that the development of the African continent depended on the capacity to engage honestly on lingering issues such as human rights and governance.

The virtual engagement with Civil Societies addresses the implementation of Agenda 2063 in the context of Covid-19.

Hon. Bouras Djamel, acting president of the Pan-African Parliament opened the engagement with CSOs as part of the Africa Day commemoration. According to him, “the key to addressing the challenges we face as a continent is unity”.

“Parliamentarians have to vigorously participate in the process of finding solutions for African citizens in line with their mandate. Covid-19 is impacting the implementation of Agenda 2063, therefore, we have to fully play our role”. This was Hon. Chief Charumbira’s charge.

Civil societies representatives called on members of the Pan-African Parliament to monitor resources allocated to the fight against Covid-19, stating that this has been the current factor stalling the progress of the Agenda 2063.

The second virtual engagement; Consultative meeting with Africa Diaspora commenced.

Discussions revolved around Agenda 2063 and economic opportunities and areas of collaboration at the African Union.

The acting president of the PAP; Hon. Bouras Djamel called on the PAP to work with the Africans in Diaspora to fulfil the aspirations of the continent, and also called of the diaspora to find out what they could do for Africa because the diaspora has significant contributions to make in the process of actualizing Agenda 2063. He concluded by stating that Africa had given so much, it was time to give back. readmore

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