The Obigbo Killings

Last week, US SEAL Team 6 sneaked into Nigeria under the cover of darkness, and rescued an American citizen, Philip Walton, held in the north of Nigeria after he was kidnapped from Niger Republic. It was a precise and clinical operation. The US Commando team viciously decommissioned and terminated six armed men and took the American without harm. US President Donald Trump quickly announced this with glee to the world. The Nigerian authorities, too shame-faced to utter a word, have remained silent, about how a foreign Army could operate in Nigeria without let, and the Nigerian military and intelligence services only got to know after the facts. Two principal issues are very important here and they really raise the question of whether Nigeria is actually still a sovereign country, or whether it is just the last husk of a failed nation rapidly devouring itself from inside-out. The first important question raised by this American rescue operation is, where were the Nigerian National Defence Forces – The Army, the Navy, the Airforce and the Secret Services? readmore

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